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After our tremendous success with scooters, we have taken it to the next level-Gas and Electric Scooters. Our client, a major distributor, was looking for a reliable overseas manufacturer who could create & provide an astonishing gas scooter for the U.S.A. market. We took our client’s basic design and scooted straight to the top manufacturer in Taiwan. Together we refined the design and created an amazing 43cc gas scooter. Not only sharp looking and fast, it was also equipped with a state of the art rear shock suspension system, making the ride smooth, comfortable and Safe.

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This project was for one of the United States largest new truck and truck parts distributors. They wanted a custom toy truck for a major promotion. The client’s agency showed us what they wanted and we found the factory that had the exact toy truck they were looking for. The molds were already made and our factory was able to produce the 30,000 units the end user need in less than 25 days , far exceeding the tough deadline, saving the client thousands of dollars.

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A top distributor was looking for new idea for her client. The target audience is being blue-collar workers. The key was to find a unique idea, never used in the promotional market arena before. The distributor gave us a budget to work with and of course we happened to have a product that’s new, fun and functional. We promptly emailed images and specifications, then sent actual samples. The end user fell in love with the idea and placed an order. The entire process proceeded without a glitch and the promotion was a huge success.

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It was right after Chinese Year New and many factories are slowing coming back to full production. Unfortunately, one of the US vendor’s factory from overseas can’t produced the pens that my distributor needs. So, he called me up and asked if we can produce 6,000 pens for him in 2 weeks turn around. I simply asked him to email me an image and see if we can help him to find something close to it or give that hot rod look. Within 1 day we confirmed the deal by a virtual image of flame pen in jpg and we got this deal wrapped up by the 3rd day. The distributor was very satisfied our work and we immediately continued with another job right away.

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A distributor was initially looking for an acrylic item and inserts a logo picture in it for a bank company. He then called me and asked if we do that. I asked him about the demographic and budget of this project. Then I suggested him about using a paperweight crystal with offset imprint bonded inside, so it gives a higher perceive value compare to an acrylic. Since the budget was not an issue and he represented my idea to his client by showing one of the piece we did for Taiwan bank. Immediately, the end customer went with our new idea and not just going with our product, they also increased the quantity of the order. Here’s the image of an example.

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